Requirements of Successful Trading

Contained Four Sided Trading Plan

Solid trading plans require an exact entry point, an exact exit point, stop loss point, and stop length point.
The strategies on this site give you exactly that ... all four sides.

Safety in Long and Short

The global environment and economy can be unpredictable.
It’s unknown when news and external chaos will hit.
Even news for a specific stock, sector, industry is unknown.
So being long and short in various stocks at various points in time ensures portfolio diversity.
The strategies on this site switch between long and short.
So the instant when a long trade exits, a short trade enters.
You’re protected both ways.

Keeping It So Simple

As you know, simple is better.
Our research also found simple is better.
Hundreds of hours of computer processing time revealed that simple math profits higher, risks less, and reduces volatility.
So the strategies on this site use simple, well-studies Exponential Moving Average, Stochastic, Relative Strength Index and similar.
They provide precise, objective signals whose performance can be quantified.

Trading as a Business


Successful business owners have a repeatable process. Having a repeatable trading process reduces emotions thus reduces risks. Most businesses have solid operating procedures. Think of the big chain franchises. They train so many people across the world. The only way they can have consistent profits all across is through repeatable processes.


A trading process that's repeatable and also scalable reduces risks and increases profits because you can reuse the same procedure on more capital.


Putting your trading business on auto-pilot will reduce emotions, rework and risk.